Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Compassion For Animals

On looking up the skirts of angels and not telling what you see.

Hey. Made you look..

So I'm respectfully posting Father Mann's video here despite the inherent hypocrisy of my doing so: It's about his awakened compassion for animals. As in not eating them, which I still sometimes do.

I'm not a vegetarian but not wholly unconscious, either, which might be another way of saying I'm damned. Actually, falling precisely equidistant on the spiritual plane between Eckhart Tolle and Martin Shkreli.

Speaking of damned: bloviating and/or condescending comments will be taken out and shot. Just be the you soooo superior or ardently inferior person you are and let us be the judge without precious speeches. Like this one. We confess to being evangelically anti-evangelical. (Yes. Sometimes it hurts being in our tiny head.)

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