Sunday, March 20, 2016


This was a really long post about what animals may know that was entirely too speculative, maudlin and silly for words.

But this photo needs a little intro:

My oldest dog is kind of circling Rainbow Bridge and, too, today I've been missing not just Big Rex but the precious children who are missing him something fierce tonight. But this big guy is having none of it. No, sir.

He absolutely pushed into me with his great big paws as if to tell me that love never goes anywhere. It might seem like that Other Room is a long way off, but, by God, that's just in the thinking.

Cheetah, you chill cat. Thou rocketh. Cheetah. The one who came up with cross species cuddling at our house. Thank you, buddy. I'll take that hug any old day.

And thanks to you human creatures who've extended such kindness and understanding in your comments. They met their mark. Bless you all.

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