Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Richard B. Spencer

Hi everybody!

Well. That preternaturally cheerful greeting belies this wind knocked out of me feeling from hearing a one Richard B. Spencer on NPR a bit ago.

Maybe I'm wrong - which means I'm so not wrong, don't you know - because I'm not on their kill or deport list, but I am starting to miss the plain old mean inarticulate rednecks who don't pretend to love their brother. I've always thought that ruling class interests rather enjoy us pitted against each other: less threat to the top.

But this new wave of SS?/Spencer is glib, even weirdly conversational in his overtures to convince the radio host - who might've been the calmest black dude ever given the interview subject - that America's supposed to be anything but a melting pot. Oddly enough, all I could think of as he spoke was watching him melt in a pot.

Pretty sure that can all be proud of where we came from - and I'm the whole cracker box dumped on the table - without using it as a foot on another man's neck.

Does he think we NPR white people will be too chicken to fight for other people's rights?








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