Sunday, November 13, 2016

Horses, filthy lucre and seeing dead people...

Maybe the phrase "pride goeth before a fall" is perfectly placed here: I must not have been clear enough in my original post: By selling readings at a discounted price, I am gambling that I'll be able to pull the bunny out of the money hat.

There are a lot more important things in life than saving one horse whose owner owes a blankload of back board. (I'll venture to say this falls on the ways to spend money importance scale exactly between between 147 million orphans worldwide and having Lee Greenwood song lyrics painted on one's toenails - which I've actually witnessed.)

Knoweth, then, these things:

I was not and am not asking for free money to extricate my horse from a jam I'm entirely responsible for creating. For jamming. Whatever...

(And, y'all, really try to hear the next three paragraphs in MY voice. Actually, if I wasn't typing this three feet away from a sleeping two-year old, I'd record it on my phone and post it that way.)

To those who just offered flat out donations without needing to purchase a reading, thank you so much. Your warm and quick reply are more appreciated than I can say. I may regret this but I don't want money for nothing. Hugs to you.

And to those who asked for exact circumstances of my financial state before considering a donation (which I didn't ask for) - and this is about one particularly accusatory query from A.B.P. by way of example, I'll offer this: You got me. I'm so busted. Yes, I'm sitting on piles of cash and am opting for Juviderm injections and Christmas in Cozamel instead of sending back board on a horse I had no business trying to keep all this time while waiting on a full-time gig. I had no idea I was so transparent and owe you thanks for pulling my covers.

Seriously? Do you think I have a dastardly and unforgivably lazy plan whereby I dun strangers - most likely fans, for goodness sake - for money with the old "hey they might sell my mare for dog food" ploy?

In the largest sense, I bit off way more than I can chew with dogs, cats, birds and, yes, horses. I'm not the first person to put the second word in "animal nut" in neon letters and won't be the last.

I do not blame the guy who's been keeping my mare for wanting to be paid: No one is a bad guy in this even if I'm wearing an I'm with stupid shirt and the arrow's pointing up. Hell, as far as psychic readings go, you either believe in this stuff or not. I happen to believe in it. Frankly, given many people's notions of this line of work, doing cougar porn would be less embarrassing.

And there's this: I might be a skeptical and reluctant psychic, but I'm pretty good at this. Furthermore, a rare thing for the profession, I flip folks' money back immediately if I'm not "getting a connection". Here's why: When this stuff works, it rocks.

I hope this straightens out any confusion my original post might've left in its wake.

My karma can't be too bad: The kid's been asleep for two hours and his folks are getting home in thirty minutes. Yessssssss.




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