Friday, September 23, 2016

For BP and RB

A crooked web spun quickly to be taken down when perspective is regained.

(For BP and RB who have been thrown under and walked under busses respectively)

Ramping up the gossip,

Cramming it in faces,

Momentarily forgetting the war between the races.

Whose divorce, which affair and all the slimy whispers:

Taking sides of vixens or

their errant misters.

Some refugees are whining

far across the pond,

Yet cameras are chasing

another broken blonde.

The wreck nearby is

infinitely more compelling

than a orphan tummy

so predictably swelling.

The yeezy swiftness in their

crazy fucking squabbles

grab our hearts and minds

like stolen priceless baubles.

Tomorrow I'll be deeper and heed only that which matters

But tonight I'll watch ET

with the rest of the mad hatters.

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