Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pax et lux, y'all.

This was taken at a place called Gililland Ranch, up in Washington state. It's ostensibly the biggest single UFO flyover spot on this planet. Two friends of mine visited it about ten years ago. One went to mock and debunk and the other was just curious. The former ended up being enthralled and investigating UFOs has become his avocation. He says that 97% of what folks think are UFOs can be identified. That other 3% is what makes his blood race. The one who went out of curiosity? Herr became very afraid after visiting the ranch, although he'll be the first to admit that he misses looking up.

May you all have a beautiful harvest Moon weekend.

To those of you who are mourning, friends and strangers alike, may you find comfort in the many signs here in this life and the ones that cross to find us.

To kind, albeit somewhat condescending, nonbelievers who've written to say as much...I'm waiting to meet one of you who will walk through a cemetery with me at four am on a full moon night.

In the words of my dear Emily,

Pax et lux, y'all.

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