Saturday, September 17, 2016


Tom Q sent this to me today at a particularly low faithless moment when I read some fak really nasty violent themes on 'friends' FB pages.

I think I know why people de-cline, de-activate. De-ny.

I'm not silly enough to only be friends with people who agree with my politics: This is actually on both sides of the spectrum.

Think I'm choosing respect. That might narrow things down.

And that doesn't mean being nice to someone's face and belonging to groups who proclaim hideous, profane things about others - oh and leave candidates families out of it.

Unless they're grown men who hunt tigers. Then, I think scathing satire is maximum punishment.

(Wondering how many will get that last bit is ironic. Actually, irony just doubled over on itself which might cancel itself out. Crap. I hate when that happens.)

And when the one of the old dogs you were to transport died the night before he went to his forever family.

Little heartbreak there.

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