Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bit of footstomping. Better get the kids out...

A few days ago, someone thought they were being helpful telling us to calm down. Strangely enough, it just chapped our ass, as they say in Texas. Apart from the soul curdling condescension of that remark, it appears, as is the occasional wont of human beings, that they missed just how closely we were holding the blade of annoyance to our own skin.

But we sure flipped it around fast enough.

This straight, white, Jesus-loving dame, longtime disliker of those who threaten damnation or calm downing, writes, from time to time, about cornered humans who aren't, perhaps, any of those fleeting adjectives that label us. Because there isn't just disapproval in those corners - there is danger and hate.

So we scribble about it.

It's how we roll.

And I daresay there are plenty of FB pages where you may receive calm posts that align perfectly with your own version of what may be acceptable bitching.

What prompts this particular kvetch-session..

To paraphrase Tom Robbins in "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"..

"The world, as usual, was in a desperate situation."

Last night we heard this segment on "Reveal", a program on NPR. (Link below)

An extremely bold young Russian journalist covered the in-country reporting and we can't help but fear for her physical future.

We know that the LGBT community is besieged in certain places more than others, but, in Russia, the equivalent of Westboro Baptist Church with hate magnified exponentially, if that even seems possible, is happening today and you may or may not be shocked to hear that they're importing a few grotesque members of the US clergy to make their murderous points.

(And "murderous" isn't an exaggeration here.)

So to those of you who see fit to write crap about homosexuality being forbidden by scripture on these pages, consider this, please: There are many other things in the Bible that are recommended that we don't see you endorsing here. How convenient for you. And in this case, we beg you to look at your own fears and prejudices. And if that doesn't work, despite being a huge First Amendment supporter, we do believe in exiling hate on this Facebook page - no matter if it's dressed up in Sunday finest.

To the rest of you, I'll take that big hug and strong cup of joe you're handing me. Thanks for sticking around. Hell, just a few more clicks and we're at 20K. That is, if the haters who split don't take their little likes and go home...

In which case, we'll be happy with our old core group that was here before the reruns began. ; )


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