Monday, July 25, 2016

Limbs worth going out on...

A few years ago, I met Annie and Ethan and completely fell in love with both of them. Ethan is the reason I became interested in craniofacial deformity advocacy - frankly one of those things in life you'd just as soon not know about much less behold in a precious, innocent child. But reality...

This link contains some strong words and I'm fully aware of what I'm posting. I know the family's situation and this is flat out what's going down.

So. I believe that Ethan is probably an angel. (Maybe you're thinking so if he's an angel, he doesn't need our help. If you are thinking that, I consider that vastly more deformiing that what Ethan was born with: His deformity is merely external.)

Like I said. Strong words.

I'm posting this for those of you who see the value of this one mission. Let's see if justice can prevail.

I'm grateful to you on behalf of Annie and her folks who are awesome people.

And to those of you who even know $5 adds up. To those who press this towards the Light with your heart: Prayers are much appreciated.

Come on. Group hug.

With love and thanks,

Brett Butler

Hey. You guys. I'm reckoning that some of you may have an inkling of times people in the public eye are asked to help. It's not a complaint. It's the opposite, really. With rare exception, I tend to advocate for things that don't affect me. It feels cleaner that way somehow.

Yet, the flip side to that is, at times, quite hideous to behold. Because cowards and bullies hide behind the glow of their monitors and memories of whatever it is that they didn't get enough of at a time so long ago only dying or getting over it will fix it, they try full frontal assaults in ways that make grown men shudder.

Because, this time, I know the folks involved, it feels like the stakes are close to home ..

When I was walking away from Ethan and his Mom about two hours after meeting them - that's how long our happenstance meeting was - he called out for me by name. That in itself was extraordinary because he was TWO at the time and had heard my name at the beginning of the meeting and only once. I turned back to see what he wanted and he pulled my face down to his and put his forehead on mine and said one thing.

"It's just love, right?"

It doesn't happen often but I was speechless. There might have been something in my eye, too, now that I recall.

To those of you who feel like gambling on whether a champion can arise from this scary circumstance, my thanks are deeper than I can possibly convey. But here they are just the same.

Let's do this.

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