Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5 Hour Energy

These little pink plastic bottles are some kinda go juice that we get for no good reason at all except... maybe this guy is at the store that sells 'em. While everyone else is buying liquor or lottery tickets - things we either gave up or never acquired a taste for, thank goodness - this little ball of useless and his big blonde friend play catch until...

Let's just say we're getting pretty good at it.

He's a seven year-old rescue from the shelter about a mile from us - one that, unfortunately, euthanizes the overflow.

Happy to see this fellow landed a great home.

Btw, he's safe and doesn't have the run of the store but has plenty of room where he's behind a gate near the register. But - on account of us being VIPF - very important puppy friend - we're allowed to go back and throw the itty bitty green ball you see here as long as we want. For the record: Popo has NEVER called it quits first.

This is a shot of him saying goodbye at the register. Is it any wonder it's difficult to leave??

So. Because this old spinning globe we're all riding on has been heaving with all kinds of trouble of late, wishing you this...

May the little things in life - these precious ones - pile up into huge storehouses of treasures for you all and, at the very least, may we all have somebody look at us this way at least once a week. At the very least.

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