Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The minutia of this post subject may, in itself, be shocking. We'll try to arrange commensurate and opposite drama very soon to make up for it. Your forbearance is appreciated...

We're guilty of tossing out coupons. Usually they're for stuff we never use like processed food where the list of ingredients takes up the whole side of the box. (A friend lives on Hot Pockets and while we're a far cry from vegan and we do not drink enough plain old water to keep a neon tetra damp, even seeing those things has syrup of Ipecac effects on us.)

But today. We were putting the grocery bags in the laundry - hey. From leaking soup, lest anyone think we're that OCD. We threw some paper in the trash and "something" told us to look at one particular piece out of several.

We'd like to thank the fairy in charge of tapping shoulders and whispering really loud: "Hey, ho! Eyes on the ball!"

Because. Ten bucks. Is. Ten bucks.

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