Friday, May 27, 2016

#1 or #2

Post title try out:

#1. Out of the Pens of the Babes

#2. Tell Me More About Who You Are, Please... I'd Almost Forgotten That You Are My Brother




This post came across the scroll days ago and then we looked more closely at the site itself: Y'all. Check out The Mighty. Mondo info center here. By the time you add up all the random, seemingly weird ways human beings can hurt, break, form, appear... What seems an impossible load in the life of another is likely that much worse due to a lack of understanding - or worse.

Someone asked Mother Teresa how she stood working around people who were so visually difficult to behold. (That was not the exact term but I don't want anyone to think I'm comparing diseases here.)

Her answer was this: "It is only Christ in a distressing disguise."

What a concept: Experiencing the opposite of normal, of perfection, of what we WISH most to see and finding, in that, the sum of all that's fine.


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