Monday, October 24, 2016

Toddler Mystic Musing

I know a little about fallen women. It's hard not to pay attention when I hear the whistling sound one makes as she falls to the ground: sometimes a merciful updraft of mitigating repentance will break that fall. Sometimes, we only hear the cold, hard thud of impact.

In the age of social media, that deathly quiet is broken by the rapid onset of the comment section AKA - in olden times - the peanut gallery. Whoa. Hell hath no fury like judgmental strangers who have figured out how to click "post comment".

Too often - what harsh rebukes, and scalding ill will hurdles forth, drowning out little mercies or even philosophical remarks...

But today in Pennsylvania, one of these women weighted down her own ankles on the descent...

Former AG Kathleen Kane, without remorse for the deeds or the resulting ignominy brought upon her office, defined unrepentant both before the verdict came in and after her conviction. And she didn't change for her sentencing.

These are the interesting opportunities in which this writer learns what mercy is. Not that how I feel towards Ms. Kane matters a whit to her. We do not know one another. Still, I rooted for her to step up to the plate, to not throw anyone else under her bus.

I do not envy a moment of her circumstance - especially the part where she truly seems to feel the victim. My compassion is high for her children, as for any whose parents are removed from their lives for criminal acts. And in Kane's case, I gulped a little that she'd allow her 15 year-old to testify at sentencing when she herself didn't take the stand in her own case.

That kid. Brave and scared at once and I'm thinking wryly that "pawn" may be too strong a word. (Or is it strong enough?)

The irony is that Kane could have been a force for good: That's the theory beneath legal minds in public service. And it was all squandered from thin skin and vindictiveness. Often, I learn what I wanna be like from what people don't say.

There is nothing quite like sending up prayers of comfort to someone who makes your nostrils flare in annoyance.

I'm in no danger of graduating this mystic class with honors.

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