Tuesday, October 4, 2016

In other words: stages of jackassery.

We thought this post was going to be about just another nasty little incident in the news cycle. Nothing more. We planned to pillory a wretchedly behaving miscreant exerting their First Amendment right to be inhumane in staggering ways. Same old, same old. But as we started to lambaste this chick we realized that something was missing. Then it hit us. The missing thing was bigger than we knew - the good ol' days when we'd just get all flipping mad at mean people. Like. We were GOOD at it. We were true bona fide Butthead Avengers. And we mean MEAN people, even though it turns out they're more alike than it seemed: even when breaking down the lists into Really Mean People like despots, murderers, etc. all the way to crimes of lesser meanness. In other words: stages of jackassery.

These trickle down into tiny ass clown behavior of the plainly disingenuous - as in ones who claim persecution when called out on being racist - and on up to people who lie at the expense of another human's reputation, job, etc.

Regarding this last, we know someone who's just a great freaking person who's on the receiving end of this particular poison: He's resolute in his decision not to engage with the other party - the one we perceive as the true bad guy in this. No. Our friend is not "going there", so we'd feel pretty silly buying a ticket for ourselves in this circumstance.

But still. We priced tickets.

Anyway, it was a long list. It was a glorious one - if you were on the creation of it. Yea, the list of Things That Chapped Our Not Small Ass. And the fury? Ah, back then, we could even make punchlines out of it.

But now. A shift has happened. Now, it reaches us thusly: instead of ire or rage, a sharp sliver of something stabs deep as the fruitlessness of reacting becomes all too apparent. Connected to sadness more than rage.

Because hating haters? That thing that social media propelled to warp speed - especially in the shallowest segments of the "informed" populace? Just a toy to be outgrown. And in its place?

Damn damn damn...(Hell, yeah, a triple strong, trickle down damn.)

It can't be coincidental. We're certain they've always been in our midst, but seeing them fully - in their light - might be affecting our ability to kick ass in non violent but decidedly wicked ways nonetheless.

What light lubbers these be?, you may ask... And, yes, 'they' as in plural...

We know more than one person who sends prayers to those who cause harm. Big harm. To animals, to innocents. To the very ones who probably need prayers the most.

And these prayer-senders are sincere. Dogged. They falter not. And they don't do it because they were exhorted by ancient texts. Or because they fear hellfire. Get this: They do it because they've reached that crucial moment in a human's life when the old ways, the infantile ones, must be discarded and not in tiny pieces over time.

Btw, we're not talking about the times when the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune require physical intervention. Warfare. Because babies are dying and not as collateral damage: because they don't meet tribal or genetic criteria for life. Then tough people fight and die because humanity, until the leaks are fixed will be ever thus. So, hail to the heroes among us and the brave ones who passed before. (That's just in case this goody two shoes thing sounds like we don't comprehend real life, duuuudes.)

Back to those who fight with Light: They seemingly engage in a full reversal of momentum: retreating from that thing they most despise and, as if guided by superior military strategists specializing in surprise attacks, go full throttle to love.

Our lesson? It's very clear:

We NEVER should have started running around with a spiritual crowd: It was the ruination of all decent hissy fits.

Fortunately, we're unsure if these behaviors are transmittable. We know the first kind is. In that vein, we realize that the avatars among us carry quite a load and that there are those being born who are arriving with unsullied agendas and not a moment too soon.

They are fundamentally unadvertised as such, even if the occasional exception may be on the bestseller lists.

We don't know how to end this post. Except to say that it feels inconvenient, at best, to espy the distance between ourselves and the kind of soul who prays for haters vs being all busy with what the haters are doing wrong.

Did we already say "damn"?


Comments identifying the woman in this photo by name will be summarily removed. A truly evolved person would not even post her image. Apparently, unlike our better friends, we're content with a What About Bob!? version of becoming like Him. We're taking baaaaby steps.

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