Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eyes of beholders

Y'all. This is from a Reuters' story about recaptured territory from ISIL.

Btw, are sorry the photographer's name wasn't listed or we would certainly give credit.

This Syrian woman from Manbij is enjoying a smoke after her city was liberated.

There is so much beauty in this one image that we could just throw ourselves down crying happy tears....

Some things in this world are heaven and hell all at once and it's a privilege to merely behold the richness of it all.

Before you reply - this is only for maybe six of you.

And something is bubbling under this writer's skin about some comments on this public FB page. Some point missing mo fos.. For that reason this page might be worth watching for a while. With a plexiglass face/monitor protector like Dr. Lector needed.

It isn't even the mean idiot stuff. That's simple.

This will be paraphrased "I thought it was rude to compare the First Lady to our simian cousins and I'm not a fan whatsoever!"

Big overreaction warning here: oh we had one all right.

Like what were we supposed to do? Cheer broadmindedness? High five your funkless honest ass?? Is there any point this writer HAS made that has sunk in enough to prevent such condescending comments on - oops.

Seems like Field Marshall Hot Flash made us drop and give him fifty.

Fifty eight.



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