Friday, August 5, 2016

This Long Goodbye

You know what? Throughout this long goodbye, we were held close and up and every other fine way as we headed toward the Bridge.

I've never felt this peaceful about a farewell, but maybe I'm doing her justice by not over-grieving. This was about her. And she needed me to help her let go...

It's true: We get by with a little help from our friends. To you perfect strangers out there in Facebook Land, I'm blown away by just how THERE you were and are.

Here's to remembering what's fine about our critter amigos. They asked if I wanted her paw print. I think not. I have enough of her fur in the vacuum canister to probably recreate a miniature Mama Dog - she had that Husky undercoat. I'm tacky enough to contemplate it, but truthful enough to know I'd botch it.

Besides, I'm recalling Alan Alda's book title, "Never Stuff Your Dog and Other Things I Learned". A reporter asked him why. Alda replied, "Because they're not THERE."

I know what he meant.

She's right here in our hearts.

And I'm smiling. That wouldn't have happened without y'all.

So there. Please pass it on.

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