Monday, August 15, 2016

They Write it FOR Us...

Today's batch of irony popped up after our dawn meditation which may indicate our new and illuminating practice has yet to have its way with us in all of its uncompromised fullness.

A Catholic priest in Stockton, California has been accused of sexting one of his parishioners. In a pleasant and shocking change from many such tales, at least his victim is past the age of consent. However, his victim is a straight, married man who's now perhaps adrift not only in terms of finding a new church, but maybe even wondering if his job is secure. It seems our frisky priest elected to communicate illicit images of himself to someone who was employed cleaning the parish swimming pool. (For an organization seemingly bankrupt after endless sexual abuse lawsuits, we find a swimming pool for the preacher an idyllic, patently yet insane, aside in this story.)

Allegedly, Pastor Larry McGovern would lie around the pool in his speedo while the now plaintiff occupied himself with earning his paycheck. And although such behavior is far from being an actual crime on the California books, we think speedos worn by most men over, say Olympic competing age, are rarely a good idea.

To be specific, Father McGovern sent photos of his genitals to the church employee with a smarmier follow up text, basically saying, "Oops! What's my penance?"

And, finally, when his victim had the temerity to complain, the good priest terminated the pool cleaner's employment.

Lastly, because the news sources reporting this probably can't include the jubilantly delivered punchline to this whole sordid mess, we're proud to do so here.

The place of worship where these transgressions occurred?

Stockton's Church of the Presentation.

Thanks! We'll be here all week! Try the veal!

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