Friday, May 20, 2016


Because I'd like to honor the privacy of the Mom who took this photo, it'll remain anonymous, but I want to share the image, please....

Her son was adopted from China at two years-old with an unrepaired congenital heart disease that, optimally, would have been addressed before her was six months of age. Although they expedited his adoption after discovering his urgent need, he was only home for a few months before succumbing to the effects of the disease, despite surgical intervention at the nation's best children's heart hospital as soon as he was home...

This was two years ago. His Mom was photographing the same bedroom for their newest son who's home - and healthy - and this little orb appeared on the pillow for several photos taken hours apart.

I know lots of you believe in lens flares, light anomalies, etc, but I'm posting this for those of us who believe that messages can arrive in all sorts of ways from those we love - on both sides of the veil.

Her boy was four when he crossed over. Her new son will be that age this month.

I hope these little circles of light reach out to anyone who's feeling the distance of a departed loved one.

Keep an eye and an ear out for your own messages. They don't just happen to strangers. Or believers. : )

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