Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Friends, Romans, Facebookians, lend me your eyeballs....

This here post is from an academic study about the effects of spanking on children.

Warning: Great big speeches - or ass pants ones of any persuasion - in the comments section will be deleted because we are just feeling that imperious this evening.

Besides, it's just something we're passing along as we ponder another huge issue facing society, which is this, although I'm not phrasing it in academic terms at all:

Why stuff that isn't that important seems more important when it happens close by when there are waaaay more horrific things happening on the planet albeit not so close to home.

To wit: How do we not only learn to feel non-locally but act that way, and - whew, yeah I'm out of breath just pondering all this - how learning to be that way can probably make us more powerful and content in our local orbits.

Btw, I'm fully aware that there are lots of truly advanced souls extant right this minute who are not spending a bit of energy writing this crap down and/or fretting about the evolution of others.

The good news is that they may smile inwardly at my teeny struggle to even articulate it, perhaps thinking: Ah. I remember when I thought that mentioning things might change the planet, too.

In other words:

Ruuuuun, Forrest, ruuuun!

Up next? Why Johnny Football is really the ultimate Deflategate and why we wish he had a Britney Spears' Daddy to rassle control of his world until he gets his shit straight. Thank you and happy dreams.

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