Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A shock to the system.

The folks at the New Day Foster Homes in China take in babies and toddlers with medical needs regular orphanages can't handle. For over a decade they've helped hundreds of babies get life saving surgery and other medically appropriate help, but also prepare the children for life with a real family.

From institutionalization to a home with loving nannies and 24 hour care, stunning transformations occur.

Since many of these kids have serious conditions, it's naive of to think they won't have casualties. And they do.

But we're shocked and grieved that one of the little boys who was close to leaving for his 'forever home' expired suddenly. This makes the work they do at New Day more vital than ever, and makes us realize we're chicken: It's a risk to love anyway.

We've been perhaps too subtle about our shout outs in support of New Day. Please check out their site. The least you'll get out of it are images of some of the cutest, bravest little kids you've ever met. To say nothing of the folks who care for them day in and out who are reeling from this particular loss.

Thank you for your time and attention.

PS There are soooo many people/ places on this earth trying to make a difference. By sharing this, we hope in no way to diminish any other charity.

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